H Scarred Squid A Dollop 1 L Dollop 2 O Gold Baby N Rocket Baby A Blue-haired Doll
H Soldier I Red and Brown Doll L Midnight Baby B Simple Doll 1 E Portrait für Oma R Yoga Man T Horned Lady Z Pregnant Doll
Madonna Super Hero . Pregnant Doll 2 C Green-haired Doll O Grandmother M Woman with Large Capable Hands

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Hi, welcome to my website.

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This is the website of Halona Hilbertz, who currently lives in Brooklyn, USA.

General Thoughts about my Art, February 2007

I call my figural soft sculptures Wall Dolls.

The variously textured fabrics that I use are taken from clothing, bedding, upholstery. These are familiar tools of protection and survival that have been employed by humans for a long time.

Many of us grew up having complex relationships with dolls, which serve as mirrors of ourselves. We used them in play to symbolize various social roles. Dolls help us to learn to function as single beings within a larger society.

Both factors, external and internal, allow an intimacy to take place between my Wall Dolls and viewers. Each doll has its own personality, and viewers often develop their own unique relationships with single dolls.

Empathy (or an attempt at it) for creatures different from ourselves is something I strive to ellicit. Empathy is a natural capacity necessary for the survival of many animal living arrangements (for example, that of the social animal homo sapiens). Empathy, coupled with curiosity, leads us to ask all kinds of metaphysical questions. For example, what does a bird feel when it is flying? What happens when a creature dies?...The questions asked, in turn, transport us beyond our limited, routine, day-to-day existence. By stimulating the imagination, they make life exciting, mysterious and beautiful.